Riggie Walia

My name is Riggie Walia. I am a certified Life Coach and a practitioner of Pranic Applications, Reiki, and other energy medicinal forms.

Wellness through Pranic Apps & other energy modalities

Somewhere along life’s journey, the quest to heal myself from pain, fear, and anxiety, turned into a devotion to discover my true being, to know what it means to fully rise, and to find out what becomes possible in life when we do.

My personal journey accelerated when I was introduced to different forms of energy healing modalities like Reiki healing and Pranic healing. I started to truly understand that the inner world shapes the outer world. This brought my awareness back to complete on my inner focus. I have since transformed each area of my life. I have healed and transformed relationships through my own growth, I have journeyed from a state of unconsciousness of my own true being to a path of constantly discovering more of who I truly am. I have moved from disempowerment and often feeling powerless to my circumstances into the power of shaping each moment consciously. I have reconnected with my own inner power. My wish to heal my physical, mental and spiritual health has opened up new paths for me to extend healing to others also. I know that there is still so much more to learn and discover.

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