Our Guide and Mentor

Dr. Hazel Wardha

Founder of Pranic Applications and Cosmic Abundance

Dr Hazel Wardha, also known fondly as: Dr Hazel, Hazel Ji & Mamaji by all her devout students, patients and followers was born in India and migrated to Australia in 1983 with her husband Eddie and two sons Ashish and Amaresh.

She started her professional career as a lecturer at Delhi University and completed her Ph.D in 1982. Hazel Ji always had a passion for helping people and in 1981 completed her training Homeopathy.

In January 1998 while spending time in India, trying to recuperate with close friends and family, and still trying to get over the death of Ashish, Hazel Ji was introduced to the works of Grand master Choa, in India. The energy healing concepts, as well as receiving personal healing sessions had a profound impact on her immediately, and she set about with a strong mind, will power and passion, to bring the work of Grand Master Choa to Melbourne. She simply wanted to help others more.

She established the “Ashish Institute For Inner Studies” in memory of her older son, and in May 1998 organised the first healing course in Melbourne, at which 168 people attended to learn, about healing systems, transformation with energy, the chakra system, divine invocation and meditation.

From here on, Hazel Ji relentlessly pursued the work and promotion of healing and energy work for positive benefits. The work became extremely popular and some 200 people would attend courses and workshops at a time. A whole new community of “light-workers” was established.

Little did Hazel Ji know at this time, that her efforts would go on to change and positively impact thousands of people in Victoria, Australia and the rest of the world.

Hazel Ji was able to attract so many people to the work, because she only practiced with pure love and a spirit of giving. In todays western cultural setting, many become isolated and distant, even from their own families and loved ones. There is somewhat an absence when it comes to true spirituality in the lives of many. Hazel Ji found a way to reach out and touch people.

She was called to teach and give seminars at conferences all over the world, in India, Japan, Europe, presenting at large gatherings.

She published her book: “Homoeopathy Do It Yourself”, which was a treatise into her system of Homoeopathy that she has devised herself, however simplified into a format that the average person could utilise for themselves and their loved ones, to alleviate illness and suffering. Hazel Ji just gave and gave and gave. There was no end to her giving and wanting to help people.

The community she created with her network experienced great growth, happiness and joy. Many young folk found an excellent role model and teacher in Hazel Ji, who was able to benefit their lives not just economically, but also spiritually.

Hazelji personally taught over 8000 individuals in Victoria, England, Japan, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Around 2012 Hazelji began developing her own systems of healing and personal development with her own “Cosmic Abundance” system, which involved courses and specific systems and techniques she had researched and devised.