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The natural therapist teaches superbrain yoga and pranic healing

Faye Taylor wants to teach you how to heal and says it’s all in the hands.

The power to fix your own health is at your fingertips, Faye Taylor says.

“Why pay for medical care when you can heal yourself? It’s all about your hands, focus and having the right intention,” Taylor, a natural therapist and energy healer said.

Taylor moved to Hamilton 17 years ago, but grew up in Taranaki and said that was where she learned to heal.

She still visits New Plymouth several times a year to teach “pranic healing applications”, which is a no-touch, no-drug alternative therapy system that uses “prana” – vital energy or life force that keeps the body healthy and alive – to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments.

Her visit to the city this past weekend was a success for Taylor and she said she would return in November.

“I try to come to New Plymouth every three or four months. But, it depends on how many people sign up.”

She’s taught the therapy method for the last six years and is the only active teacher in New Zealand, traveling the country to help guide others on how to nurture a healthier life.

“When I was younger, my father was very sick. He was the sickest man you’d ever met,” she said.

“We thought he would die at 60 years old. We almost gave up all hope. Then one day, he saw a healer and he lived until age 93.

“It inspired me. All I ever wanted was to help people.”

After extensive training, Taylor started to offer free talks to the public and also runs weekend workshops for $500.

“I really just want to get the word out about pranic healing applications.”

“We used to be called ‘witch doctors’. But, I think people are more open to it these days,” she said.

“People who are tired of searching for an answer could benefit from this.”

Taylor said the body has 11 “chakras”, or energy centres, that rotate. And, if these chakras can’t rotate, then it meant they were “clogged and dirty”.

“Healing takes that bad energy out, disposing of it properly, and then replenishes it with prana. It’s all about colors,” Taylor said.

“I teach how to scan and feel the energy. Then, we sensitize our hands and feel where our energy is depleted.”

“Suberbrain yoga”, which is a form of acupressure and a breathing technique used to balance both hemispheres of the brain, was also taught in the course.

“It helps coordinate the brain. If you’ve ever felt ‘foggy’, then this would help clear your mind.”

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