Faye Taylor

I am an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and NZ Registered Pranic Healing Teacher.  My aim is to help people with health concerns and issues to achieve a better life for themselves. I work from the heart helping you overcome the areas that are preventing you from moving forward. Conditions addressed are various including cancers, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, HPB, and many more ailments. Pranic Healing has many techniques that can be used in many areas.

I am a Natural Health Practitioner working on all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. Fears, emotions, thoughts, and feelings play a huge part in a person’s well-being which can influence greatly within the system of the body creating disease or dis-ease. By having these addressed the body can heal. The therapies that I am trained in are various and cover all aspects of health, finance, relationship, business and pets, tummy and hip tucks, bust lifts, facelifts, sports enhancements, cellular and crystal healings, and feng shui using the Pranic Methods

Since 1999 I have worked from home in a quiet friendly atmosphere in a caring passionate way with the holistic approach working on many levels. By working from home I am able to meet the needs of clients with times that suit both parties as it is not always convenient to keep the 9-5 office hours to help those in need. I also travel away for consultations in some cases helping people with their health concerns.