Pavitra Roy

Certified Healer, Teacher, Executive member

Teaching PA Level 1,2 (Course 1) and PA Level 3,4 (Course 2)

Pavitra Roy is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and NZ Registered Pranic Healing Teacher. An Electric and Electronic engineer by profession engaged in the healing and wellness modality for since 1993. As an engineer, he was happy and contented with his corporate professional life. While it was monetarily benefitting the busy professional life, it had left him stressed and disconnected from family life. This realization enlightened him to connect with self and divine thus starting his spiritual journey that can balance and harmonize inner and outer life.

He realized he is a gifted person and healing is natural for him when he was very young. Later he has practiced, Pranic healing, Arhatic yoga (up to level 3) taught by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS) and Cosmic Abundance as taught by Hazel Wardha. He is currently President of “NZ Pranic healing foundation Inc.” and Founder of “Pavitrayog” (synthesis of inner and outer energy). He is an International Coach (Acharya) of Pranic healing applications of various levels. Due to scientific and spiritual training he had in the past, his Pranic Application (PA) presentation about wellness is simple and easy to practice.